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Water Heaters

Turn to Eagle plumbing if you want a water heater repaired and installed with a full service and parts warranty in the business. Our handymen are there to help our customers find a water heater that’s the right size and recovery rate at the best available price. In addition to that we offer same day water heater installation services.

Eagle plumbing can repair and install any kind of water heater of any brand promptly and efficiently including but not limited to:

  • Propane gas water heater
  • Natural gas water heater
  •  Electrical water heater
  • Tank-less water heater
  • Power-vent water heater
  • Large commercial water heaters

In addition to that Eagle plumbing provides water heater maintenance cleaning out all minerals and water sediments on the bottom of your tank that in turn make the water heat up slowly and take more energy to keep the water warm. This not only results in less hot water but high energy bills as well.

When your water heater is in dire need of repairing, or if you are looking to replace an old water heater with a newer more efficient one, Eagle plumbing is here to serve your needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Up-front Pricing
  • Same Day Service
  • No Extra Charge Weekends, Evenings Or Holidays!
  • We Provide the Longest Warranties
  • Member Of Better Business Bureau

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