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8 Signs You Need A Pipe Repair Service

A pipe repair could prevent a leaky pipe from causing more damage
October 26, 2016

Pipe repair is absolutely essential this fall if you want to live in your home without plumbing problems on your mind. However, knowing when to call for service proves a challenge for many homeowners. This is largely due to the fact that your pipes are mostly located underground, or between the walls and floors of your household. Your pipes may be experiencing an array of problems, and you wouldn’t have a clue as to what’s really going on. This can allow even the most minor problems with your pipes to worsen, and leave you paying a significant amount of money on utility bills. With pipes constantly breaking down, it can take away from the performance of your home’s most essential plumbing fixtures, including showers and toilets. There may also be problems like lower water pressure and frequent drain clogs. Even worse, your water quality may take a hit, making it hazardous to use for cleaning, cooking, and showering. All of these problems can make for one unpleasant fall season and with identification of problems so difficult, you may think your plumbing system is fated to be a disaster. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Contrary to what you may believe, identifying the warning signs of a pipe problem may be just a matter of taking a closer look around the house.

Why Should You Call Eagle Plumbing for Service?

Once you notice pipe problems in your home, call Eagle Plumbing for service. Some homeowners will make the mistake of waiting far too late for a repair service, and by then they are better off seeking pipe replacement altogether. What these procrastinators do not realize is that calling for repair service can provide them with so many benefits. If you call immediately at the first signs of a problem, we can ensure you save money on water damage restoration, pipe repair, and monthly water bills. Even just fixing one leak in your pipes can save you several gallons of water. It can even maintain water quality and keep it from being contaminated. For a happier, healthier home with a convenient plumbing system, you should make repairs from Eagle Plumbing your highest priority this season.

8 Warning Signs to Notice

Though pipes are not immediately visible to the eye, here are 8 warning signs you should be aware of, that will help you determine when to call for professional help:

  1. Low Water Pressure: Failing water pipes will often allow water pressure to decrease, which you may notice the next time you go to use the shower or bathroom sink. The means that the pipes may be in the early stages of failing at that point, or they may have already progressed in that direction.
  2. Damp Walls and Floors: One common signs of leaky pipes are damp walls and floors, which can later result in mold growth. The longer you allow this problem to linger, the more money you will be spending on water damage restoration. Call a professional at Eagle to further inspect the problem.
  3. Murky Waters: It is normal for your tap water to appear murky every now and then, but it is definitely concerning when the murkiness is proving much more common, especially if it does not go away after a few seconds of running the water. This is a sign of a huge problem in your pipes and before you no longer have safe water to use, it is better to call a professional and have the problem fixed. 
  4. Strange Noises: Any loud or unsettling noises from your pipes is means for concern, especially if you are beginning to hear the sound of water struggling to pass through drainage pipes. This indicates a clog, and requires professional service. 
  5. Significant Physical Damage: Wear and tear is inevitable with older pipes, but it is concerning when the damage begins to take away from their performance. Older pipes in particular are more at risk to experience cracks or leaks.
  6. Multiple Leaks: One household leak could have multiple sources. However, if people have several household leaks, and they seem to occur in areas that are heavy on the plumbing, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the internal piping system.
  7. Corroded Pipes: Since household pipes are usually reliable, you may think identifying signs of corrosion would be impossible. Corrosion on older pipes may be so severe that they make break apart at any moment, allowing for even more problems to form. If this currently applies to your pipes, please call us for service as soon as possible.
  8. Older Pipes: Homes with older pipes will be more likely to experience a wide range of issues, especially if the home were built before the 1960s. You may even need to seek repiping service so your home is equipped with modern, more durable piping that will be far less likely to experience issues.

Don’t Let Leaky Pipes Ruin Your Fall – Schedule Your Pipe Repair Service Today

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