Tankless Water Heating Services
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Tankless Water Heating Services

Tankless water heaters are the wave of the future when it comes to efficient water distribution in your home. These innovative devices heat your water only when a faucet is activated to save you energy and money. Traditional water tanks are also big, bulky, and unpleasant to look at every time someone steps in your basement.

Our licensed and insured experts at Eagle Plumbing deliver you all the services you need in the New Orleans area regarding tankless water heaters. Our professionals are educated and trained in all the newest water heating technology so we’re able to properly install, repair, replace and maintain these highly efficient devices. With a tankless water heater your family will have consistent access to hot water, leading to a more sanitary life in a cleaner home.

Tankless Water Heating Options

With their revolutionary design, tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular with homeowners across the country. Our specialists provide 24/7 emergency services to make sure yours is working properly all the time. Other features of our tankless water heating services in New Orleans include:

  • Copper heat exchangers for increased efficiency
  • Non-condensing and condensing technology
  • Smart technology with self-diagnostic programs
  • Natural gas or propane options
  • Remote control with digital displays
  • Secure safety devices to lessen the chance of any overheating emergencies

Benefits of Tankless Water Heating

Overall, tankless water heaters give your family a more comfortable life. By only heating water when needed, it opens the door to the following benefits:

  • Enhanced convenience and comfort in your home for everyone
  • Lower energy usage that equates to reduced bills
  • Endless hot water at your command
  • More room in your basement
  • Increased value of your entire home and property with state-of-the-art technology
  • Federal tax credits because you’ve helped the environment, lowered CO2 emissions, and improved your property’s overall energy efficiency

At Eagle Plumbing, our veteran plumbers know exactly how to help you choose the proper tankless water heater for your unique home and space.

Contact our plumbers at Eagle Plumbing for all your tankless water heating services in New Orleans!